Jo Tholstrom


Jo’s love of yoga was ignited when she discovered true yoga was not about poses—BUT rather learning more about “the self.” Jo was brought healing through the power of breath and movement, as she was wading through a time in her life when she had to rebuild. Breath through movement, brought her to the power of the present moment. She discovered when she was on the mat she couldn’t stray too far into the uncertainties of the future. This self discovery and love for the yoga practice pushed her to share this light with others. Using each posture as a tool to ‘let go’ and release what is going on in our body and mind. 

Jo loves the outdoors. She often reminds herself—“go where you feel alive. For me, it is always, always outside.” Jo also loves to travel, and feels most herself when she is far from home. Experiencing new cultures, and connecting to people is her prana-vital life force. 

She resides in Midway with her husband and four children, and received her 200 hr teacher training through Utah Yoga & Wellness.