Tori McLellan


Tori believes that anyone can find a consistent practice that helps to keep them well mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Her experience began 11 years ago as a way to deal with severe anxiety and depression.  It became her go-to practice because of the way it inspired and focused her mind.  It gave her something to work towards, let her find some potnetial, a stillness when needed, and gave her a sense of confidence that was hard to find before. 


She completed her training with D'ana Baptiste through the Inbody Yoga Academy in 2013.  She has found passion, flexibility, strength and discipline through the practice with 5 years of experience in Ashtanga yoga.  She believes in the power of meditation, the strength in presence, the magic of ritual and that everyone has the ability to better themselves mo matter where they are  in life mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally.  She is excited to share with you what yoga has given to her.

Teaching Style:  

Ashtanga based, focused, traditional, stubtle body, core, functional movement, breath-based movement steeped in the principals of Tristhana (three-places for attention & effort.)