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What is Hygge?


Pronounced 'hue-guh' or 'hoo-ga,'  a Danish word encompassing all things wellness.  Hygge is an atmoshpere; the feeling of contentment, coziness, a calming energy, relishing in life's simple pleasures through all things comfort, joyful and relaxed.  

It's like trying to explain warmth...you just have to feel it.  

We go above and beyond to create a nostalgic atmosphere most conducive to relaxation & healing, both individually & collectively,  enjoying group connection & togetherness.

Our exclusive 'Hygge Haven for Healing'


River Bottoms Ranch - Join us in sharing the practices of presence in a gorgeous venue year round.  We hope to help enhance a sense of joy & contentment within ourselves, homes & lifestyles, noticing how even the simplest things can make you feel, for ultimate joy and balanced wellness.   Enjoy yoga, meditation, workshops, seasonal recreational activities, wonderful food, laughter & connection.   

 -All with a little indulgence & great swag.   Really great swag. 

Location / Views


Midway, UT

Just outside Park City lies the beautiful Swiss settled valley of Midway, known to be reminiscent of Switzerland with its mountainous topography & geothermal craters. Enjoy the small town feel with open spaces & majestic views of Mount Timpanogos, especially from River Bottoms Ranch.  Midway is a perfect setting for all things hygge, and this time of year is a storybook Winter Wonderland.



River Bottoms Ranch

We are proud to host our retreats within this spacious yet cozy upscale venue with amazing views, scenery & ambiance.  Gorgeous natural light-filled great hall, cozy lounge areas and extensive scenic grounds among the Provo river.  Living room fireplace & deck hot tub overlooking the river. 




Utah Yoga & Wellness 

We cultivate a safe space for you to experience positive transformation, through personal connection,  fun & professionalism.  We also provide ample use of this beautiful property with our outdoor seasonal recreational activities.

WINTER RETREAT Bonus Activities: 

Snowmobiling, Cross country Skiing, Floating Meditation in the warm healing mineral waters of Homestead Crater

Great Hall


The inspiring gathering place for our yoga, meditation, movement classes & educational workshops.  Beautiful hewn wood floors, radiant natural lighting throughout the day, boasting amazing views of Mount Timpanogos & spectacular sunsets.

Elegant Bunk Lofts


Two lofts; one sleeps 9, one sleeps 11.

Spacious, comfortable & cozy, great for those who enjoy connection.

4 pristine bathrooms located in the lodging area, 2 on the main floor.

Cozy Living Area


Create new friendships & good conversations in the welcoming living room, upstairs in the lodging area, 

complete with dining table & hot tub on the deck overlooking the river.

Private Gourmet Kitchen


Located upstairs within the living area for your personal use.  

(Separate from the chefs kitchen)

Healthy Meals


Healthy doesn't mean skimpy, especially when your days include physical activities.  Your meals will be planned by a combination of us, our UY&W Nutritionist, and Lizi the Food Nanny!

-And it wouldn't be 'hygge' without a little indulgence, so yes, there will be cchocolate.

Coziness & Connection


With and endless tea & hot cocoa bar, we ensure you have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the venue, connect, take a nap, however you choose to hygge!  

Workshops, Activities & Special guests

Bread making with Lizi, The Food Nanny


Not only will she be teaching a bread making class (with Kamut flour) but she'll be joining us for the retreat!  

Guided Snowmobiling


Explore the beautiful Wasatch mountains with a guided snowmobiling tour - yes, you get your own! 

with Wasatch Excursions

Cross Country Skiing


After a morning meditation & yoga practice, we'll casually explore the beautiful Ranch grounds in hygge style, giggling along the way. 

Floating Meditation in the Homestead Crater


Exclusive to UY&W, enjoy a therapeutic healing experience in the warm mineral waters of the ancient crater down the street, including a sound healing serenade of crystal singing bowls.

Daily Yoga & Meditation w/ Elise Jones, Yoga Therapist


Begin and end each day with refreshing movement/yoga practice catered for all,

 mindfulness, guided meditation & calming breath work, with your host.

Floral art/line drawing with Natashia McLean


Learn the fun & therapeutic effects of minimalist line drawing, taught by the talented and lighthearted Natashia, 

also joining us for the weekend!

Women's winter retreat - daily events, Hosts, REgistration

Friday, Feb. 21

9:00 am arrive at River Bottoms Ranch.  

Welcome, therapeutic classes, fun workshop, Cross Country Skiing, delicious meals, free time, our UY&W exclusive floating meditation in the warm mineral waters of the Homestead Crater.

Saturday, Feb. 22

Meditation, classes, fun workshops, Snowmobiling, delicious meals, free cozy time. 

Sunday, Feb. 23

10:00 am departure. 

Morning meditation, class, breakfast, goodbyes.

Elise Jones


It's nice to meet you!  

'Utah Hygge Retreats' is a tribute to my Danish grandmother Martha, among my German & English grandparents who instilled in me an appreciation for my heritage & cultural traditions.  Combining the wellness lifestyle practices of yoga with those of hygge, has brought me great joy as I'm sure it will for you too, as sometimes we need to take some time  to refresh our souls and senses.   Let's 'Take Time Out!'

Collaborating with River Bottoms Ranch brings the vision full circle, making these wonderful retreats extraordinary.  I  look forward to our next retreat with YOU and becoming your friend!  

with so much love, Elise 

Founder | Yoga Therapist | ERYT 500

Janica Horner


Owner of River Bottoms Ranch, 

and the most wonderful woman you'll ever meet.  We are honored to collaborate with River Bottoms Ranch for our wellness retreats, as the perfect cozy yet lavish setting for serenity and joy, as a "hygge haven for healing."

Utah Yoga & Wellness


The UY&W logo of the phoenix represents positive transformation.  

We hear all the time at the studio,

 "it just feels good here, such a positive energy."  You could say that's Hygge.  

Thus, Utah Hygge Retreats was formed within UY&W to amplify this feeling into a gratifying weekend experience.   We're excited to share other professionals with you to help enhance your experience through classes & workshops. 

Embrace the opportunity to resurface innate feelings of contentment & wellness within ourselves, which we often yearn for in our busy distracted lives, while creating new memories.  

We also laugh a lot.  Laughter is healing.  

Come breathe, learn, move, heal, relax, and connect with us.

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