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It's not just business, it's personal.


"The logo of the Phoenix is a symbol of transformation; emerging a stronger version of yourself by embracing physical, mental & emotional trials in a positive, healthy way.   Learning to be 'comfortably uncomfortable' is what yoga is all about.  Manifesting this transformation through support and results is what UY&W is all about."

Utah Yoga & Wellness was created by Elise Jones in 2015, as a venue to unite local yoga and wellness communities through connection, in a fun lighthearted way.  Creating "Unity in Community," what began as promoting local wellness events & products for a healthier, happier community, has now grown into a family operated Studio/Wellness/Training center, healing retreats and community Festival in the beautiful mountain village of Midway, Utah.  

Elise envisioned a place like Cheers, "where everybody knows your name,"  without studio intimidation.  A space for physical & emotional healing, and to utilize her education in Yoga Therapy locally, along side other wellness therapists and professionals.  

Without seeking it out, the opportunity came to her.   After weeks of contemplation, she decided to create this welcoming healing space, only to see everything and everyone she needed contact her & fall into her lap within 2 days - even classes she hadn't anticipated.   Everything just happened without trying; bringing the highest caliber of local talent together, creating the utmost professional yet friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere she desired.  Obviously this was meant to be.   

Striving to strengthen 'Unity in Community'  in a town based upon this principal, Elise believes in the culmination of camaraderie, dedication, and a little laughter to achieve positive results and overall wellbeing.  Keeping it real and more personal, with familiar local talent, even creating the class schedule based on community input, brings value to the details you don't always find in "big box" type studios. 


We hear on a weekly basis how comfortable and different it feels here. To  feel truly welcomed as you are, creating and noticing positive transformation. If you're looking to find a fun and relaxing place to create positive changes  through health and wellness  (or a place to sit with a good book, cold-pressed juice or tea) no matter what your age or ability, come relax, sweat,  move,  heal,  breathe, laugh and build friendships with us;  a sincere community & family Tribe, where it's not just business, it's personal.  

Featured in Mindful Studio Magazine:


A Family Affair - The Jones Family


Together as certified yoga instructors, teaching & at the front desk among the friendliest, most professional & talented wellness tribe, it's a unique family affair. 

Elise - Yoga Therapist, ERYT 500+, Aerial, SUP

Christian - RYT 200, TRX 

Maya - RYT 200, Aerial, SUP

Brooke - RYT 200, SUP

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testimonials - we love our Tribe & community!

"This was amazing.  I've been doing yoga 2-3 times per week for a long time, and I've learned more in one hour of class, than in one year of classes elsewhere.  Thank you, Elise, for teaching  me/us to improve, safely."  ~Charlie, walk-in vacationer  (Vinyasa Flow)

"I've never been to a studio where I felt I wanted to stay.  It feels so different, this truly is a place of healing.  I'm moving here to be here." 

~ Malissa  (after 2 weeks of searching studios/areas in UT to relocate.)

"I've woken up with hip pain for years from a past hockey injury.  After 3 (Mens Stretch) classes, I don't feel that pain anymore." ~Mike 

"I walked in, sat in the lounge for a few minutes, and just knew this is where I wanted to be.  Coming from Florida, I've been in many beautiful yoga studios, but none of them felt like this one."  ~Vanessa

"We live in Salt Lake and drive up just to be part of it all- I love everything about it, it's friendly, inviting, it's just so different!" ~Mary

"Laura's class is a great flow class for all levels." ~Alessa 

"Aerial Yoga felt so good, I actually cried!" ~Tonya

"Power Hour with Tori was eye opening to see how much you feel when slowing down.  I'll feel this for days, in a good way."  

"I love this beautiful space.  As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I've found a part of me that's been lost."   ~Allison 

"I appreciate a yoga studio with a sense of humor."  ~Marty

"Jill is a great mindfulness teacher. My daughter has learned how to be more present in her own experiences and emotions. I personally practice mindfulness and it's so helpful to have someone teach my child the same."  ~Terra (Children's Mindfulness) 

"That Foot Zone blew me away, understanding my health from a new perspective.  It was the best experience, thank you to Rylee!"    ~Hailey

"Amazing class!  Stephanie is knowledgeable and adapts well to all levels. The addition of essential oils was unique and added something new" ~Alessandra  (EssentialYoga)

"Lighter weights with lots of repetition and vinyasa was super challenging!  This class is not 'just for ladies!'" 

~Chris (Yoga Pump & Sculpt) 

"Wow, this is a nice, comfortable space with a great vibe.   Barb (massage) was wonderful.  My wife & I will be coming here often."

"I come here because it's real.  It's truly about healing and community; the instructors, therapists & wellness specialists are unsurpassed; and I know the difference.  ~ Greg T, PT

"Obsessed. Fantastic instruction. Beautiful location. So much attention to detail.  Enjoyed the warm towel at the end of class."  ~ Alexis  

"I've never heard of another studio/wellness venue like this, with so much to offer.  What an awesome place!" ~Dustin, Yelp

"Wow - I wish I lived in Utah so I could go to this studio/wellness center!" ~Hillary, Mindbody

"I love it here!  There's something very special about it.  I bought a membership just to make new friends." ~K

"I appreciate that Erin's prenatal class is an actual prenatal class, teaching safe strengthening as well as tension release, rather than restore poses titled 'prenatal.' " ~Alisa

"I love that I now have a place to release, laugh, cry, and not be judged or feel embarrassed, knowing others are feeling the same thing! 

I  have found my community."  ~ Elizabeth

"Love this class. I've always struggled to enjoy strength training, but Melanie & the energy of the entire class makes me look forward to it and enjoy it every time!"  ~Erin

"I'm loving the classes/workouts at this studio.  I'm new to yoga and needed something that would push me but not hurt me.  My body feels worked over, but not wanting to die from high impact.  I love this studio!"  ~Trish

"I feel good eating healthier.  I am much more aware of when I don't.  I enjoy learning & creating new recipes!  Stephani (Health Coach) takes so much time for me, and has been a great influence in my life."  ~Maya   

"I've had tension headaches for a long time, seeking help through other types of therapy/clinics. After coming to classes here for 3 weeks, my tension headaches are gone!" ~Sherry

"I've been getting massages from Barb for years. This woman is talented beyond expectation. She connects with you, fixes you, and is your friend at the end.  She intuitively responds to what your body needs. She is strong, steady, personable, worth every penny and more!" ~Caroline


Utah Yoga & Wellness is a Registered Yoga Alliance Training School