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It's not just business, it's personal.

"The logo of the Phoenix is a symbol of transformation; emerging a stronger version of yourself by embracing physical, mental & emotional trials in a positive, healthy way.   Learning to be 'comfortably uncomfortable' is what yoga is all about.  Manifesting this transformation through support and results is what UY&W is all about."

Utah Yoga & Wellness was created by Elise Jones in 2015, as an information website  uniting  communities through wellness in a fun lighthearted way.  Creating "Unity in Community," what began as promoting local wellness events & products, grew into a  family operated Studio/Wellness/Training center from 2018-2020, with 24 instructors/therapists. 

Elise has since founded Utah Hygge Retreats, Utah River Retreats & Utah Yoga & Wellness Festival, also dedicated to teaching public classes, workshops & events.

Striving to strengthen 'Unity in Community,'  we believe in the culmination of camaraderie, dedication, and a little laughter to achieve positive results and overall wellbeing.  -Laughter is healing too.  Keeping it real and more personal,  brings value and connection to our community.  

It's not just business, it's personal.  



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A Family Affair - The Jones Family

Together as certified yoga instructors, we offer wellness opportunities for all ages through our classes, community wellness events, and outsourcing to collaborating local health professionals.  It's a very unique family affair! 

Elise: Yoga Therapist | ERYT 500+ | Aerial | SUP | Yoga Alliance Trainer 

Christian: RYT 200 | TRX 

Maya: RYT 200 | Aerial | SUP  

Brooke: RYT 200 | SUP 

Where to find our classes:

Elise:  Fit Stop (soon), Private Yoga Therapy, Wasatch Aquatic/SUP  

Chris:  Fit Stop (soon),  Stretch & TRX

Maya: BYU Women's Center & Professors, Moab during summers  

Brooke: Youth classes, WHS Yoga Club

YouTube Channel: Utah Yoga & Wellness

*Photos below Testimonials

testimonials - we love our community!

"This was amazing.  I've been doing yoga 2-3 times per week for a long time, and I've learned more in one hour of class, than in one year of classes elsewhere.  Thank you, Elise, for teaching  me/us to improve, safely."  ~Charlie, vacationer

"I can't imagine my life without Mens Stretch (w/ Chris) 2x per week. I've never been able to touch my toes until now, and it's only been 4 weeks!" 

"I appreciate a yoga teacher with a sense of humor."  ~Marty

"My girls love going to Brooke's class!" ~Debi

"I've never been to a class where I felt I wanted to stay.  It feels so different, it truly was a space of healing.  I'm moving here to be here." 

~ Malissa 

"Maya did such a great job teaching at the BYU Summit Conference,  Professors now have her teaching their departments 2-3x per week!"

"I've woken up with hip pain for years from a past hockey injury.  After 3 (Mens Stretch) classes, I don't feel that pain anymore." ~Mike 

"We live in Salt Lake and drove up just to attend your class!  ~Mary, SLC 

"Aerial Yoga felt so good, I actually cried!" ~Tonya

"I love your classes.  As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I've found a part of me that's been lost."   ~Allison 

"I've had tension headaches for a long time, seeking help through other types of therapy/clinics. After practicing yoga for 3 weeks, my tension headaches are gone!" ~Sherry

"Thank you for being real.  You're truly about healing and community; the experience is unsurpassed; and I know the difference.  ~ Greg T, PT

"Obsessed. Fantastic instruction. So much attention to detail.  Enjoyed the warm towel at the end of class."  ~ Alexis  

"I've never heard of another wellness site with so much to offer.  What an awesome community service!" ~Dustin, Yelp

"Wow - I've read about you &  wish I lived in Utah so I could take your classes!"  ~Hillary, Mindbody

"I love that I can release, laugh, cry, and not be judged or feel embarrassed."  ~ Elizabeth

 "I'm new to yoga and needed something that would push me but not hurt me.  My body feels worked over, but not wanting to die from high impact.  I love it!"  ~Trish


Utah Yoga & Wellness is a Registered Yoga Alliance Training School