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Elise Jones - Yoga Therapist


What is Yoga Therapy? 

After several years of teaching and different educational yoga trainings, Elise was searching for more.  Although yoga helped her in so many ways personally, there was a time she wasn't sure if the "yoga world" was the right fit for her anymore professionally.  

Being approached and understood by a dear friend and colleague, D'ana Baptiste, who suggested a Yoga Therapy training program, she agreed, and by dedicating several months (nearly 1.5 years) of study, with 140 clinical hours in rehabs, trauma centers, etc, she found what she was seeking.

It wasn't until struggling with an emotional and physical hardship, with 8 years of heart complications, followed by open-heart surgery 2 years ago (with a difficult 3 month recovery), that she realized just how much the timing of this education was needed.  Becoming her own client was the best education in compassion and personal practice she could have ever received.  Learning personally to self soothe and strengthen emotionally and physically through calming techniques, rather than addictive medications, had re-instilled her passion for teaching; a need to share what she's learned and experienced,  making her a Yoga Therapy advocate.  She teaches not only in specific clinics or private sessions, but anyone from children struggling with anxiety at school, to pre/post surgery mobility, with physician consent, and complete discretion.  

All yoga is therapeutic, yet there is a difference between a yoga class and yoga therapy.  The term is often over or misused, or classes may be called "yoga therapy," which can be confusing.  Yoga instructor certifications and yoga therapist certifications are different and fulfilled within two completely different entities; so it is important to understand the difference if needing/seeking true certified Yoga Therapy. 

Often by doctor/psychologist/PT referral, Yoga Therapy is not a licensed practice of diagnosis, rather often used as a companion to other therapies.  Like a yoga class, it incorporates breath work and physical postures, yet much more specified and methodical depending on the client's personal needs.  Those suffering from a specific symptom, condition or trauma, structurally, emotionally or mentally of some kind, can learn to self soothe and heal in a much deeper way through understanding brain/body connection, and techniques not taught in regular classes.  

Elise is excited to bring Yoga Therapy more broadly in Wasatch County.  Her goal as a Yoga Therapist is to one day not be needed, by sharing with others the tools to self soothe so they may eventually become common knowledge.